Ovulation Induction and Fertility Treatment Bangalore

Ovulation Induction - IVF Treatment in Bangalore

As the name goes, Ovulation Induction is one of the various kinds of treatment to induce ovulation for eggs to mature and be released in the ovaries to match timed intercourse or artificial insemination

It can be administered to women who face the following conditions –oligoovulation – women with infrequent ovulation, anovulation – women who do not ovulate at all, unexplained infertility, patients undergoing IVF etc.

How Ovulation Induction Therapy Works?

Assessment – prior to the treatment, the ovulation cycle is assessed to check the various levels of hormones present such as thyroid, prolactin, FSH, LH, testosterone and other male androgens through a blood test. The womb, ovaries and development of follicles and thickness of the uterus lining is also assessed with the help of ultrasound
Stimulation – depending on the condition assessed previously, medications are then prescribed to help the growth of follicles containing eggs for them to mature and be released
Monitoring – during this course of treatment, regular check up to monitor the growth of number and size of follicles developing
Timed intercourse or artificial insemination – at the time of ovulation, patients are then advised to have intercourse for successful pregnancy or an intrauterine insemination is performed where the semen is inserted into the uterus for the eggs to be fertilized
Ovulation Induction Therapy

What medication is used for ovulation induction?

Medications used in ovulation induction can include:

Clomiphene Citrate – is administered orally for 5 days. It acts by making the body believe that the levels of estrogens are low. This triggers hormones such as FSH & LH that aid in ovulation
Letrozole – is also used for ovulation induction and is often used as an alternative to Clomiphene Citrate
FSH – or Follicle Stimulating Hormone is used to stimulate the number of follicles that develop in the ovary
Gonadotrophins – are given in the form of daily injections that also help in inducing ovulation for a period of 5 to 12 days. These injections allow eggs within follicles to mature. They are also often used in IVF.
Gonadotrophin releasing hormones (GnRH) Analogs – are synthetic hormones or artificial GnRH to aid in surge of FSH and LH and later suppression of the same. These analogs are usually used simultaneously along with gonadotrophins for better control of the hormones.

What are the benefits of Ovulation Induction?

Method of IVF Treatment Icon

Effective method of treatment

Is one of the effective methods for treatment for conditions
such as unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis and ovarian dysfunction.

Pregnancy Rate Icon

High Success Rate

Typically has to 20% success rate per cycle depending on a woman’s age,
diagnosis and duration of infertility.

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Least invasive

Is recommended as one of the simplest, most natural and least invasive

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State-of-the-Art facility

Janisthaa offers the best, state-of-the-art facility for ovulation induction under the supervision of experts who care for every client to provide the best results.

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