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Refers to a condition of pregnancy where a risk develops either with regard to the health or life of the expectant mother or the fetus or both. It is condition where extreme care has to be employed in handling the expectant mother under the supervision of experts.

High risk pregnancy is often seen in expectant mothers beyond 35 years of age. It can also develop in cases of expectant mothers as pregnancy progresses. A number of factors are related to High Risk Pregnancies and have been listed below.

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Some knowledge for you

What are some factors that make a pregnancy high risk?

As mentioned, several factors can contribute to a high risk pregnancy. We have broadly classified them into Existing Health Conditions, Age, Lifestyle Factors and Conditions of Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Existing health conditions
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Conditions of pregnancy

Age is an important factor for healthy pregnancy. Women of ages 20 – 35 are said to be in the prime of their birthing years. Giving birth during ages beyond the prescribed years could result in complications

  • Teen Pregnancy – Teenage mothers are likely to develop high blood pressure and anemia. Their chances of being affected with sexually transmitted disease is also high. Additionally, prenatal care might not be easily available leading to high risk pregnancy
  • First time pregnancy after 35 years of age – leads to complications such as excessive bleeding during labor, prolonged labor or children born with genetic disorders such as the Down’s Syndrome etc

A lot of pre-existing health conditions that exist before or during pregnancy can result in High-risk pregnancy.

  • High Blood Pressure which is uncontrolled often leads to kidney damage and result in low-birth weight in the child.
  • A condition called PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can result in miscarriage, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and premature delivery.
  • Diabetes – High blood sugar levels can result in birth defects during the first few weeks of pregnancy
  • Kidney disease – can lead to difficulty in conceiving and at miscarriages, even if conception has been successful
  • Autoimmune diseases – diseases such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis could lead to preterm birth, still birth etc
  • Thyroid – uncontrolled thyroidism – hype or hypo thyroidism can cause heart failure, poor weight gain and birth defects in the fetus
  • Excessive usage of drugs for pregnancy – increased use of drugs that aid in pregnancy can also result in complications of the placenta and lead to vaginal bleeding
  • Obesity – Obesity is known to increase the chances of getting pregnant difficult. But once, pregnancy has been achieved, it is said that obese women gain very little weight that is essential for the growing fetus and thus might not give birth to healthy infants
  • HIV/AIDS – HIV/AIDS damages the immune system and make the body prone to infections and diseases. Risk of passing on the virus to the fetus is high during labor or breast feeding

Consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking and recreational drugs can lead to numerous complications and cause addiction even in the new born or result in infants suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Some of the problems that are seen often are pre-term births, miscarriages, still-birth, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) etc.

Such as Multiple Gestation (pregnancy with twins, triplets or more), gestational diabetes (diabetes developed during pregnancy) and Preeclampsia( sudden increase of blood pressure after 20th week of pregnancy) can all lead to various complications that can be a risk factor for successful pregnancy

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