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What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that is carried out for diagnosis and as treatment for several conditions. It is a procedure that helps the physician to get a view of the internal organs in the abdominal or pelvic region and their condition with the help of tube. It is recommended when other diagnosis tools such as ultrasound or X Ray does not yield clear results.

Laparoscopy is usually carried out to assess reasons for infertility, assess painful and heavy periods, as a diagnostic tool to take biopsy, assess abdominal pain or pain in the pelvic region. It is also used in evaluating certain types of cancer of the ovaries, uterus and cervix. As treatment, it is used to treat endometriosis, remove ovarian cysts, fibroids, blockages and scars, treat ectopic pregnancy etc. The procedure is very safe with rare cases of complications

How is Laparoscopic Surgery done ?

  1. Laparoscopy is conducted in a hospital set-up under general anesthesia by a physician or a gynecologist
  2. Small incisions or cuts are made in the pelvic or abdominal region that allows for the laparoscope to pass through. These are minor incisions and heal faster causing less pain compared to a normal surgery. This is also called as Keyhole surgery or Minimal Invasive surgery
  3. A laparoscope or a thin tube that has a camera and light fixed at the end of the tube is then inserted in to obtain view of the internal organs. To obtain a clearer picture of the organs, gas is pumped to inflate the region. A catheter can also be used that allows for clearer imaging of the organs
  4. Once the diagnosis or treatment is done, the gas (carbon di-oxide) is removed the patient can return home in few hours without any pain and a few stitches.
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What are the benefits of laparoscopy ?

Effective method of treatment

Laparoscopy is one of the most effective methods of treatment
in cases of unexplained fertility.

Less Invasive

Involves smaller scars, lower risk of infection and easy recovery compared to
traditional surgery.

Safe procedure

Laparoscopy at Janisthaa is a very safe procedure performed under the
supervision of experienced experts and state-of-the-art facilities.

State-of-the-Art facility

Janisthaa offers State-of-the-Art facility with latest medical
equipments and mini operation theatres for procedures like Laparoscopy.

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